May 18, 2012

Heo Young Saeng's Crying teaser

The teaser is finally out. I don't know what is life anymore. He looks so flawless and hot as usual. What I love the most is his new hair. GAWD! What is air! Crying set reminds me of Please MV by Kim Hyun Joong. I smell something fishy here. Hyunsaeng moment :P Other than that, it reminds me of Love Ya MV too. I don't know whether this is truly a coincident or what. But yeah, after all he's still the talented and precious person in Triple S' and Y.E.S' heart :D

‘SOLO’ has been revealed to be the complete production of Heo Young Saeng himself, having participated in the overall planning process and even its production. He’s looking to step up from an idol to an artist by having his name credited as the co-producer.
Extracted from allkpop. I'm proud of you baby. I'm totally anticipating for the full MV.. and the album! 

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