May 17, 2012

It lingers around me

So, I was reading this particular blog and her writing skills impressed me so much. She is still young, an eighteen years old teenager yet had published her own novel! I was totally awed and stunned by her talents. This reminds me of myself. It still lingering on me until now.

I used to ask my roommate, Ina about this matter. I told her all this while, I always wondering what is my talent? Some says everyone has a talent. Either noticeable or another way round. I strongly disagree as I didn't even notice any talent in me. MYSELF and I. Not even one. 
I have no particular talent, I am merely inquisitive
And this situation happened,

I was studying for my law paper few months back then my mind can't take it anymore as I stuffed it with a lot of theories and cases. So, I decided to stop for a while. Ina was still sitting at the study table revising for her paper. I barely remember what subject she was studied for. Then, my short break was over. Tired of sitting on chair, then aku decided nak memorize cases and theories by talking and explaining. I was babbling bla bla bla then abruptly Ina told me this,

Ina : Rah, kmk rasa kmk dah tauk apa bakat ktk.
(trans : I think I know what exactly is your talent) *tried to translate it into bm but it sounded weird though.
Me : Apa?
Ina : Bercakap. Bakat ktk bercakap macam wartawan
(trans : Talking. You're good in talking like a reporter)
Me : *duck face*

For me, I'm not good in speaking nor talking. I'm not good in both. Talking is not my talent. Stalking yes. lol joking. In fact, I'm also mediocre in writing. Look at my blog, it was 'established' since 2010 kot. Now it's already 2012 dah, tapi blog masih tak popular macam Fatin Liyana ‎(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Mak datuk, aku taip entry ni lama kot. Aku rasa aku start taip pukul 7.30 pagi tadi kot. Ni dah dekat nak pukul 10 pagi dah. Again, no skills for blogging.

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