January 13, 2013


Hello 2013. I'm formally greet your with a new entry though this is actually my second entry in 2013. Lame me yeah :') So how's your doing so far people? Great, I supposed. Good then.

I begin my 2013 with troubles I guess. Laptop buat hal, dari battery sampailah ke software. I spent almost rm450+ for laptop only. I feel bad for my parents like ugh nevermind. On the other hand, new semester has begun. Things getting tougher and I hope I'm strong enough to get through any obstacles. Amin. So, what's left? hmmm let's talk in the new entry then. Till then, Happy New Year and Salam Maulidur Rasul in advance :)

December 18, 2012


Sekarang terasa down sangat2. When things get harder, I just want to be at home. Semalam check facebook kolej kediaman, tapi nama aku langsung takde dalam senarai rayuan. Padahal, siap buat rayuan dekat pengarah kampus. Sedih. This may nampak macam remeh bagi korang, but not to me. Korang boleh kata ''alah, sewa je rumah'' and bla2 whatsoever. Don't judge my way if you haven't walked my path. Seriously. Hmm