January 23, 2012

You inspired me :')

My blog was born on September 2010. I've been blogging for about a year and half but all this while, does my blog inspired someone? I shared my thoughts and opinions here even though most of my entries are lousy. Yes, lousy. I read my previous entries and some thoughts pop up in my mind. Why am I typing this? God, what is this? Why am I so childish?! These kind of questions popped up in my mind and my expressions were like.. you know. I kinda regretted it a lil bit. Time flies so fast. It has been a year and half. I'm growing mature though my childish behaviors still hasn't change.

I remembered when i was in my first year, my first class was BEL class. I'm not sure what BEL stands for actually but we learnt about english anyway. My lecturer asked me about my hobby and I answered her 'I love blogging'. She seemed impressed ;) From there I start to feel more motivated to blog. I don't know why my words today are so 'skema'. Anyway, less that a year ago I knew Fatin Liyana. I'm sure you know who is she. She's a blogger and a medical student. All this while, she inspired me a lot upon studies etc. She ever studied in Bandung, Indonesia for almost 2 years and half. You know, her personalities, style, sempoi-ness impressed me a lot.

And these days, I love reading this one particular blog. She is currently pursuing her medical studies in Ireland. This pretty lady named Amierah Nabilah made me realise how small i am in this world and Allah. In her blog, she wrote about her experience, thoughts and opinions upon her findings, religions and etc which are inspired me a load. Humans are forgetful. They tend to forget his duty as a muslim and left Allah's instructions. Since, I couldn't blogging a lot these days, once I get the chance I'll check her blog first before I read the rest. I may sound exaggerate but this is the truth though. I am sure you're also got your favorite blogs in mind isn't it? Are you curious which blog I'm talking about? Click HERE. Check her blog out. Lets be a better person and follow the direction of Allah. InsyaAllah ;)

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