January 23, 2012


I changed my blog template. Lunar Year, new look lol xD What do you think about my new template? Is it nice? I tried not to put childish elements in my blog but i couldn't refrain myself. I love cute thingy. What to do? :P

Anyway, i also changed my url. New look, new url. Goodbye to http://farahdaydenkfarhana.blogspot.com and say hello to http://oh-mylaifu.blogspot.com. Do you know what does 'LAIFU' means? It stands for LIFE actually. Koreans pronounce Life as Laifu. Since my oh-future-husband is Korean so i need to learn his language before we get married lol ==' *slaps self*

Btw, if you're a Kpoper, come follow my Tumblr. Just in case you're my hater/ stalker, you'll try your might to stalk and look for my mistake isn't it? Hohoho, im being sarcastic.

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