April 3, 2012

Like finally....

Hi people. I'm back like finally. For real. I've been on hiatus for more than 2 months! Did you missed me? =__= Err, no one missed me. Okokok. Good for me cuz takde la rasa bersalah sebab tak update blog kan? Kahkahkahkah. Bajet macam ada orang pulak baca blog ni /self slaps/

Anyway, I'm actually on my 2 months+ semester break. My holiday had just started last Sunday because my last paper was on Saturday. Law paper dude! I'm totally screwed! I screwed all my papers .__. I'm not sure what will happens to the result. Tawakal je lah kan? Yang penting I dah usaha. Actually, I've nothing to share. This is my second attempt to update my blog. My first attempt was yesterday but I ended up tweeting and lazying around like mad. Heumimi. 

What do you think about my latest laptop skin? I bought it last Sunday when I picked up my laptop from service.Muahaha. Cutie pie. I sticked the big sized Hello Kitty as the brand-in-imagination. Tak mampu nak beli macbook kan? LOL XD Though it wasn't match at all but I love it. That's enough. By the way guys, I cannot wait for my B1A4's Ignition album to reach in my hand. Omomomo. It will reach within few days. Gawd! Please make it faster.

Ok, needa read my Chicken Soup for the Soul. I've been neglected this book. Psst, I bought it using 1 Malaysia Vouchers. LMAO
Have a bless night everyone XD 

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