December 11, 2011

Swimming class

Can you see my pink leopard spectacle and cute Hello Kitty headphone? I just received it last Wednesday :) Been waiting for it since last month. Oh well, I'm updating this entry while waiting for lunar eclipse. The moon seem too shy that's why he's hiding from my sight -.-'' Well, to be honest, i can't see it because of the weather here. Pathetic me.
Anyway, I'll be joining swimming class for this semester. Seriously, I can't wait to learn on how to swim. I used to be a sea scout before but what a shame, I don't even know HOW TO SWIM! *boo-ing myself* I already bought myself a muslimah swimming suit, hoping that I'm able to swim later. Kwahaha. Funny much. It's quite expensive and im totally broke this month. Sighsss. But it's worth. You can never buy experience emoticon08
I'm so excited now. Like seriously. Usually, im a good drowner(even though i never drown before lol). My swimming coach is great. Maybe. Hopefully. kekeke. I've got to go now. There are loads of assignments are waiting. Since it is already Week 3 so the quizzes and tests takes place non-stop. I can feel that my brain cells are dying day by day. Tsk tsk ㅠㅠ

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