December 25, 2011

New year, new crush, new love!

Annyeong Haseyo! B1A4 imnida ^^ So here's my new love and crush. B1A4. They're a new rookie group, just debuted 7 months ago but already received so much love from fans. My bias? Of course the cute main vocal, Sandeul aka bunnydeul or Sandeulmaro(nickname given by Baro). I don't know why but most of my biases from idol groups are majority in charge of vocal or main vocal. Like seriously, I love their voice more that their face. Wakaka. Of course, the appearance is an additional right? :)
Well, actually I fell for them long time ago since their first debut but I don't ship them much last time. At first, I used to like Jinyoung the romantic leader. He's so pretty. Neomo neomo yeppo. But recently, I feel for Sandeul so much. And I proudly declared myself as BANA. BANA is B1A4 fans' name :) I AM one of their fans. Omo, that sounds so good. Anyways, please scroll down.
The dorky boys~
Meet my new love, Sandeul The Bunny/ Sandeulmaro~

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