December 5, 2011

You can never beat me man

I know I should be on semi-hiatus/hiatus or whatsoever. But I don't know where should I release my emotion. I should be in the class right now but the class was postponed. No one told me that the class was postponed and I know it by myself after I entered the class. No wonder the hall was empty :/ It doesn't matter if they didn't tell me but the matter is when the stupid b****rd guys locked the hall while I'm in the hall alone.IN THE HALL ALONE. It was fucking annoying and I'm incredibly pissed off. I ain't the one who they can bully easily. I can be scary sometimes, you'll be never expected it. I don;t know who are the boys but seem they're from another group which is Group D or maybe from another course. Whatever it is, I'll never forgive them. Full stop. 

I'm at cafe right now typing this entry and the weather is crazily warm and hot. No wonder I get pissed off easily -.-'' Relax Farah, relax. I should be leaving now. See ya in the future :) For those who left their footprints here and ask for a follow back or visit back, I'll do it whenever I have time. Love ya. xoxo 

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