December 26, 2011


Holla, I just got back from wedding ceremony and shopping. Muahaha. Do i need to tell you that? LOL. I went to Ayrah's brother wedding ceremony and it was awesome. Layhan and Daydeng were supposed to fetch me at 9.30 and guess what? I woke up at 9.28am! OMG.. I missed my Subuh -.-''
Anyways, I brought back a few Hello Kitty stuffs just now and my mom reaction was Θ--o. She said I'm so childish. Aigoo. Jiwa muda biasalah ^^ Luckily my dad didn't complained anything. Today, dah masuk 3 hari dah aku cuti mid semester break. Another around 7 days left. OMO, time please run slowly. As if you know, I got tons of assignments to do and after mid semester break, there'll be a non stop tests waiting. Uwaaaa!emoticon11
I've got to go. See ya on Twitter!

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