June 7, 2011

Nonsense babling

hai readers!emoticon06

I feel its been a long time since my last update. Padahal baru je 2 hari lepas. am I right ? Well, I've been informed all of you in my previous entry that I cannot get a GOOD internet connection in my new hostel. Actually its getting better now even tho the connection isn't strong as usual. am I using a proper term ? -_-

Today is my first day going classes. Everything went very well. Yesterday was not my first day since I skipped for a whole day. I am taking an additional holiday on my own. kekeke. Currently feel very tired now. Today's classes was very packed. I got only one hour for break and the rest was classes. I don't know why my head is spinning around now. Is it because of the tiring day or I lost my stamina already. -_-

Tomorrow I'll have only 2 hours lecture. Its a blast but I am gonna have curriculum on the evening. Yea. I will learning tae kwan do tomorrow. I'm choosing to learn tae kwan do instead of silat. I loves silat previously but I am not so dedicated learnt it. I loves to skip when we had practice.

psst, scroll down please.

Today is Kim Hyun Joong's showcase. My super ultimate bias, Heo Young Saeng attended the showcase with his omma and surprisingly Kim Kyu Jong also showed up. I'm glad that his dongseng also show his support to his hyung. I am so touched. Well, I heard rumors that Baby Jun also attended the showcase but its not confirm yet. Don't have concrete prove yet. But whatever it is, this is too sweet for us, TRIPLE S. Young Saeng and Kyu Jong bought a cake for celebrating Leader's birthday. emoticon01 Actually yesterday was his birthday.

How sweet is this. Awkward Couple, HyunSaeng. Brotherly relationship. They're not gay okay. HATERS please be informed. They are not gay!

Lastly, Heo Young Saeng's wifey.:27:

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