June 5, 2011

sorry.sorry and sorry. miyane! T_T


I'm currently at hostel now. craving for a good and fast internet connection. Semalam daftar dekat kolej. and guess what ? aku punya blok dekat belakangggggg sekali. and the internet connection was like , WHAT THE **** is this ? I can't even connect my broadband! T_T , can u feel how desperate I am to surf the internet ?

I can't sign in my blog, my facebook and the most important things is I cannot stalk my idol  like I used to. It is indeed so pathetic. Look guys, I will rarely update my blog and blogwalk. Everyone please do visit and read my blog sometimes, leave your link on my shoutbox and I'll visit your blog whenever I have time plus get a GOOD internet connection. Ouh God, this is such a sad reality. T_T , arghh, I'm crying though. Its so stressful here. -.-

Maybe God wants me to study hard and not 'lalai' and addict with social networking. lalalalala. padan muka I. Hey, I rasa macam duduk dalam hutan pulak. Universiti dekat tengah bandar tapi tak dapat connect broadband.*sigh*. Nevermind la guys, I am a future dean list student kan ? So, this kind of small matter doesn't give me problem la. -..-

By the way, pictures below shows you how tidy my room is. wakakaka. Pink2 gitu.

My not-so-comfy bed but yet I still appreciate it cause I don't need to rent any house or room. Hello Kitty mania. :)) I love cats with ribbon.

Silly me with my not-so-canggih cell phone. takpe, next time kalau dah keje beli la iphone 6. kekeke

Laci dalam wardrobe I. I lekatka dengan sticker Hello Kitty, biar berseri sikit. >.<

Ina's comfy bed with a pink teddy bear, given by cik laling. keke. Ouh, did I told you that Ina and I have different favorite colour ? Ina's loves purple but I love pink. So, we will decorate our room with these two colour only. Pink and purple. A good combination + sedap mata memandang. It would be DAEBAK!

Last but never be the least, my-quite-tidy wardrobe. kekeke. Haven't bring much tops and bottoms yet but sooner. >.<

Till then, catch you later. :))

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Anonymous said...

Salam. Bestlah kat sane ada cuti gawai,kat sini xde pon.