May 17, 2011


:26: hello readers:q:

do you miss someone right now ?if you ask me now, yes i do. i miss everyone.:17:

:34: i miss my STTK's
:34: i miss my buddies at Pahang
:34: i miss old times. * it doesn't mean that i am old already -_-*
:34: i miss SS501 * miss to see them together just like last time*

currently listening to SS501's song, Because i'm stupid. checking the twitter updates. everything about SS501. so, please tell me, how can i'm not missing them ? -_-

seems like i'm too obsess over them. i can't wait for their comeback. even though they didn't have concrete plan yet, but soon they will reunite again and i'm counting that days.

oh ya, i was really captivated when first time i listened this song. The latest song from Heo Young Saeng, Rainy Heart.

urghh, i am getting sentimental when i listening to their songs. i hope they know that Triple S always miss them and support them no matter how.

:h: Kim Hyun Jong.Heo Young Saeng.Kim Kyu Joong.Park Jung Min.Kim Hyung Jun :h:

:23: Your name will always remain in my heart. You really touched me to the very core.:74:

Formula Add math hari ini :: once a scouts, always a scouts. once a Triple S , forever a Triple S.

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