May 16, 2011

First solo mini album

Annyeoung Haseyo:q:

Finally, after one whole day blogger was unavailable, so now , i want to share my feeling towards what had happened yesterday. yesterday was D.A.E.B.A.K. Ohh god, what can i say , he just totally awesome and super HOT! i repeat it again, super H.O.T!

yesterday, Young Saeng officially debut as a solo artist at Music Bank. even though his hand is not fully recover but he still want to proceed with his first solo mini album. last 19 April 2011 , he accidentally injured his hand during dance practice. The respective doctor advised him to get plenty of rest and his hand took around 5 weeks to fully recover. But he hesitate to do so, and after 2 weeks he appeared in Running Man recording. hmm, i feel like i'm a reporter that report every single stories of Young Saeng. guys, please understands me. i'm extremely excited now!

his new image. our shy prince had turned to bad boy. cold image.
look! it's Kim Hyun Jong who personally came to support Heo Young Saeng on Music Bank. seems like our awkward couple still maintain their good friendship and care about his dongsaengs.

Kim Hyun Jong, Kim Kyu Joong and Heo Young Saeng after the HY's performance. tweeted by their manager Hyeong Jin. the picture really made my day. the atmosphere seems serious. what do you think they're talking about ?

Young Saeng with his dancer. he's wearing glove to cover his fractured hand.

common baby! let's enjoy this official Let it go video. i'm sure you will captivate with his power of  vocal and seductive smile.

this is his performance on Music Bank. what can i say, such a talented boy. even though his hand not fully recovered, but he did it super fantastic. he did mentioned before that he want to show the different Young Saeng to his fan in this solo mini album and he really made it. 

p/s : type on 13/05/2011 , but post it today. LOL! seriously, i am busy. i craving for Heo Young Saeng's album! can't wait to get my own copy!

Formula Add math hari ini :: lalalalalalala, i keep on listening on HYS songs. can't stop!

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