May 11, 2011

hey! i'm gonna get it :P

Annyeoung Haseyo!:86:

second update for today. tehee. i dunno what's going on with me. tomorrow i have to sit for my table test but still i refuse to read the 'buku panduan'. ala, i tak ready lagi la. even my silly brother and cuzzy cakap 'u gonna fail you first table test'. ciss! tak guna punya budak!btw, wish me luck yea. at list i manage to get 42/50 correct. -.-

ouh ya, based on the title tu la kan. hari ni 11/5/2011 kan ? and tomorrow is 12/5/2011. guess whose album gonna release tomorrow ? cepat teka. cepatttt. dalam kiraan 10. cepatttt......

satu, dua, tiga, empat....... tettt. masa tamat!

ok, i'm gonna reveal it now. ready ??

tadaa! ehh, salah upload pulak. miyane. :face26:

presented to you....*drum roll* HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!!!!!!!!:a1:

he's my heartthrob , my passionate, my precious gift from God , my laling, my baby, my...tut,tut,tutttttt *bad coverage, :P*

here's the story. Young Saeng's first solo mini album will release tonight. 12.00am sharp. due to my obsession of YS, i'm gonna buy YS original album from Triple S Malaysia. i followed their twitter. then, yesterday they tweeted who want to buy YS album. and on the spot, i tweeted them back and informed them that i wanna buy it.

it's cost rm55 including postage and poster. it's affordable though. within 3 weeks for now on, the precious album will be in my hand. waaa! can't wait yaww! grrrr.

to my baby YS,

please do well and take a good care of yourself. we both in a long distance relationship.
remember, i'll always support you and don't push yourself too hard.
be smart k. next time we will meet again whenever you have time.
and date like a normal couple.

ada sesiapa nak muntah tak ? silakan! wakaka. love you lah baby! muahhh!:27:

Formula Add math hari ini :: plan esok nak bank in duit untuk YS album, table test and perhaps, buy a new phone. my phone is dying.T-T


combi said...

hoho.k pop

daydenk farah said...

@combi HEHE, sangat in love with YS. :p

daydenk farah said...

hehe , minat sangat! <3