April 5, 2011

it's been a long time

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hye guys. it's been a long time since my last update.
yerr, padahal last week jer, am i right ?

well, recently i've been busy with all the matter that need my attention. wakakakaka.
last week, on 31st of March were our drama competition. and guess what ??
even though we didn't win the competition, but hey,
we got the 3rd place okay. :)

i praise to Allah bcoz he gave us strength and 'rezeki'.
the drama night went very very well and i am so EXCITED that night. fuhhhh.
seriously, that night was my first time seeing us as a FAMILY.
sorry for the grammatical errors then.*sigh -.-

our drama's title is THE RED KEBAYA.
i'm playing a role as Nek Mah which is a bad Rahimah during her teenage ages but had repented after one tragedy happened in her life.

hmmm, i'm not going to conclude about my drama competition in this entry.
seems like my 'berukband' sangat mogok sekarang.
and i incredibly hate it!

i only manage to upload this picture since my maxis berukband give me a 'very good' service tonight. damn!
hey, it took almost half an hour to upload okay. shit babe!

grrr,.. geram!

Formula Add math hari ini :: we will have our party tomorrow! :)

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