April 7, 2011

Part 1 :: The Red Kebaya(behind the scene)

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assalammualaikum readers! :)

okay, these are my update for our drama competition.
'our' refers to AC1101B. :)

there u go, this is our first meeting at library corridor :p

proses menyediakan prop. sounds intresting. :D

we work together to finish up the prop.

she walked like a boss, talked like a boss and of course act like a boss. wakakaka!
kekekeke. lol.
credit pic :: Vennesse yang ngeks! haha

the girl beside me is our director, script writer and blablabla.
siap sudah misi membuat tiang! lol.

ngee~~ it's me and vee.
simple mimple. white t-shirt and black tracksuit then grabbed my grey palsmania shawl.
enough. no need to 'ngesep2' just for practice. tehee.

yaa, i'm that kind of gurl. simple. the simple ugly truth. muahahahaha.

iqbal and afiq.
they're sketching on the paper. well, if the director give me that job, i'm certainly sure that the drawing will absolutely mess up.

hmm, these are only pictures that i have in my lappy.
so, catch you later with the Part 2 : The Red Kebaya.

p/s : ada orang block aku dekat fb. well, ada ku kesah. badakrit! wakakaka. 

Formula Add math hari ini :: finalllllllllllllllllllllll, finallllllllllllllllllll, finallllllllllllllllllllll, final........................ HAHAHAHA

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