February 24, 2011

pissed off -.-

frankly speaking, i hate this situation!
during daytime, i enjoyed the moment.
but when this sort of sick situation comes, it is really distrubing me.

due to my carelessness, my printer didn't work properly.
the paper stuck on the right side because my paper clip fell down into the right side of the tray. and i was like, WT* !

can i do this to my printer ??
GOSH! i bought it last FRIDAY and suddenly it comes to be like this ?

i don't have time to go to the shop and asked them to repair.
my schedule is a bit tough lately. plus, this weekend i have my test.
AIS and FAR.

hmmm, there's no way to solve the problem unless i work on it. -.-
btw, it's not a big deal isn't it ?
maybe, i push myself too hard and that's why i think the
problem comes with a huge huge huge stone on it and fell down to me.
(direct translation)

Formula Add math hari ini :: .............................

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