February 25, 2011

all for ONE - one for ALL

before i start mencarut, i want to wish


to our forever center, Kim Kyu Jong(SS501) :)

tehee, sweet kyu jong.
actually, i wrote this entry yesterday, but i post it today. -.-

lately, i'm soooooo busy with so many tasks, quizes and tests. i don't have time to update my blog but like i used to. no doubt. tehee.

even, i'm lack of ideas actually. i don't know what to post. -.-
btw, these are a few picture that will tell you the story on what happened in my life as a uni student. (bajet jer)

sesi mengundi. pemilihan MPP. i didn't even know that last Monday ialah sesi mengundi.
muahahahaha. yang penting fakulti aku menang tanpa bertanding.
ohh, macam mana aku dapat gambar tu ? yang tu aku snap masa nak balik dari kelas.

Layhan and me. We were wearing Kesatria shirt.

venue :: Youth Floor.
motto :: i'm proud to be Malaysian. :)
kekekekeke. we were holding flag sebab nak sambut Dato' Professor Ir. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar. he is our vice counseller.
he came here to celebrate our Majlis Randau.

he is in that car. we are so excited to celebrate him.

it's me with malaysia and sarawak flag.
where's my korean flag ?
tehee. just kidding tho.
hey, i'm Malaysian ok ?

candid pic with Venesse.

Lion dance. 

the second person from right is our Dato' Vc (vise counseller)

he is very humble. seriously. :)

nahhh. it's me. camwhore before off to Youth Floor.

enough with the Kesatria's and Dato vc. we move on to the latest one. tehee.

yesterday, i had my lunch with Tupui and Layhan. catch up these picture.

omjayyyy. what am i doing ? muahahaha.

these 2 cute and adorable girls were so happy after have their lunch.
ahhhh, i'm full. kekekekeke.

we were even discussed about design for our group T-shirt and
messing around with the camera.

stupid picture. i even tried to rotate it, but it's not working. -.-

sorry, there's a correction. it should be

check this out. can you imagine if this logo on the front side of the T-shirt ??
it would be SUPERB!

ohhh, enough for today. papai peeps!

oh ya, i got inspired by my lecturer. he encouraged me to blog in English. not most of the time. it's good actually, even i'm using a simple and broken english but at least i'm trying.
it will improve my writing skills. :)

wanna read his blog ?
check this out.  CLICK ME

p/s :: sorry for the bad grammar. i'll keep on learning. :)

Formula Add math hari ini :: WHAT am i doing ? i should doing my revision now coz i'm gonna have my first Common test tomorrow. urghhhh, i hate theory! =.=. since that this sunday, i'm also gonna have FAR test, so i'm not gonna join Kursus Pengakap Manik Kayu.
frankly speaking, YES ! i'm so dissappointed. tsk tsk. 

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