October 21, 2012

semester break

Err hi. Assalammualaikum...

Seriously rasa awkward gila sebab lama tak update. In fact, aku memang stop internet usage masa final and study week. So persetankan semua tu, sebab IT'S SEMESTER BREAK TIME! :D Last paper aku 19hb and rasa macam lama gila final sebab gap antara second last paper and last paper seminggu kot. If you ask me how was my final.. Hmmm, some papers were tough but some were manageable. 

Cuti sebulan ni aku tak tau nak buat apa. So far, Ina and me did plan something. Ktaorang plan nak kerja part time sebab I truly need money for attending Sungha's concert in Disember but macam tak jadi je kot. Daripada aku melagha je tak buat apa apa, jadi aku ingat nak sambung balik la hangul lesson yang tergendala dulu. So far, I improved quite a lot but I barely can make any sentence in hangul due to poor vocabulary limitations ;___;

Therefore, it's time to learn babeh. By far, tu je la plan aku selain my daily routine, fangirling and catch up any missed updates about oppadeul and unnideul :') Btw, hari tu B1A4 and A-pink datang Malaysia masa aku tengah final. OMAI! I WAS SO STRESSED OUT! By reading and watching the fancams and updates... I WAS JELLY and to tell you what, I cried for real :( Hmmm..

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