April 30, 2012


Untitled as I don't have any particular things to write on. So, I was on my fangirl twitter account when abruptly Charmaine mentioned me. 

She gave me links of this particular blog and asked me to read it. Again, with fanmeeting and showcase of Kpop idols. This time around about Alexander Lee Eusobio's fanmeet and showcase last year. I was like FUUUU! Not again! I teared like really for real dude. Though I'm not a Kiss Me nor Xanderettes but this is incredibly too much to endure. I'm dying in jealousy! *sobbing* I'm truly crying over jealousy and my pathetic fangirl life ;___; 

Anyway, does anyone here know about BLOCK B'S FREE SHOWCASE NEXT MONTH?! It's FREE FREE FREE FREE! The show will be on 27th of May at Kenanga Wholesale City Mall. Are you kidding me? It's free for real. Damn it. I couldn't make it for sure. The flight ticket currently are too expensive. Mahal doe, around RM600 one way. Are you f****** kidding me? *bangs head to wall* Sometimes, I pity those Kpopers who lives in Borneo. Including Bruneirian. Kpop idols never came here! *head desks* We never had the chance to meet idols unless we're rich enough to fly over to Peninsular without even thinking of the costs. 


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