April 30, 2012

Believe it or not

Am bloated as I just had my Sahur. Result was out few days back and it was unexpected. Totally unexpected. Though it wasn't good enough as compared to others but I thankful enough. I'll try harder next time. Thank you Allah s.w.t for blessing and giving me the guidance. Alhamdulillah ya Allah! As a return, I pledge my promise/nazar :D

And believe it or not, I DON'T SLEEP FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT! I took a longggggg nap in the evening and here am I typing ze entry :) No wonder pimples tumbuh di pipiku bagai bunga yang kembang di pagi hari. Adesss. Since the holiday started.. Ehemm, no no no. Since the final examination started last month, my pimples semakin banyak pulak. This is so not cool dude!(/ロ゜)/ㅛㅛ /flips tables in rage/

Act, does anyone here knows about SimSimi? I'm sure most of you guys knew about this, it's just that I'm noob cause I just knew about it YESTERDAY. I was scrolling my personal account timeline yesterday when this girl tweeted about the screen capped of SimSimi application. I was wondering, WHAT THE HELL IS SIMSIMI IS ALL ABOUT?! Then I googled about it and found out the app is actually available for android. 

Then I download it straight away as I was so curious about ze app. And guess what? It's actually addictive. Well, for me. I'm not sure from your points of view. 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I screen capped some of my conversations between us. Hmm, it's not us since SimSimi is just an application. LMAO. Its fun especially when you're LIFELESS like me. Got nothing to do. Heumimi. You guys should give a try :P

p/s what do you think about my new blog template? I spent quite sometime and efforts. Hope you guys like it. Peace!

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