November 19, 2011

Put a big smile on you face :D

Morning everyone :D I'm still at homeeeee. Lets begin a day with a happy smile on our face but seem my morning was spoiled by dad :'( There were some misunderstanding between us and yeah. I CRIED. To be honest, I hate this kind of situation the most. You know, I'm going back to hostel today and taknak la ada masam masam muke kan. Tak comel lagi la nanti. Hmmm..

Well, barang barang aku dah hampir siap packing. Nanti pukul 11 dah nak berangkat dah. Eleh, macam la jauh sagat. Padahal dekat je ponnn :) Papepon, have a nice day everyone. May today is better that yesterday, My mom dah panggil ajak sarapan dah tu. Mak masak sedap. keke. I'm bad when it comes to put an end in every entry so bye bye yeorabun(everyone) :)

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