November 1, 2011

Precioussss Moment!

Hi guys! It's already 2.35am here in Malaysia and I'm gonna blog and share my happiness ^3^ You know what, something big has happened past few hours. This situation had never been happening before. I know I'm kind of exaggerate or something but who cares, this is my blog anyway :P Okay, enough with the introduction, lets proceed with the climax
YES!YES!YES! He did replied some of fans' tweets just now. For you guys, you must be have no idea who is Heo Young Saeng unless you're Kpopers. FYI, he's my super ultimate bias from SS501 from now and forever :) I do love him a lot. I really do and obviously I'm Triple S. I did wrote several entries about him already. Okies, enough said. Let me shows you the proofs.
TRANS: What are you saying? I don't understand. keke. My FIRST RT. 
After I saw his very FIRST RT then I tweeted the lucky Mexican girl who managed to get his first RT. And this is what she replied me.
OMG! I'm so jelly(jealous) yet happy for his new improvement. You know what, I ever tweeted my @mystyle1103(Young Saeng) saying that why you never reply your fans? Learn from other idols on how to RT(retweet) with reply can you? Well. something like that but I never thought that he'll retweet and read fans' mentions. Seriously, what a day. And.. that's not the end. Here it comes with the second and third RT.

I'll attach the translation later in another pictures. Due to happiness and shock-ness I straightly tweeted something like, Oh my fuck you gotta be kidding right? AND definitely spamming his mention with ton of tweets. 
I've been spamming his mention like crazy and spazzing timeline with all my silly tweets till my Twitter friends says that I'm really crazy. LOLs. It doesn't matter. I just want to share how happy I am right now. You know, when you really adore and crazy head over heels towards the idol, you will know how happy i am now.
Oh by the way, please read the tweets according to the number plus read from the bottom okay darlings? Hehee. I cannot stop smiling right now. Even though he didn't replied me, but still I'm HAPPY. Who knows someday, he'll reply one of my tweets to him. Even, his father has a twitter account. He did replied my tweets for several times already. That is more than enough.
Okies, I've to go. Its already late. Need to sleep and counting for TWO big events. One is an exiting event but the other one is another way round. Young Saeng's birthday and final exams result -.-

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