August 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Freak

Assalammalaikum :D
Hi, my name is Hello Kitty. I came from Japan. I currently live in my lovers' heart. I got lots of lover of course. That's why one of my huge lovers spent a lot of money to buy anything related about me. She's the one who typed this entry(Ouch!)

Yes, I'm one of Hello Kitty lover for sure. I wish I could get all Hello Kitty collections but of course I couldn't right? It costs a lot of money. Nevertheless, I'll get it soon even though not all. Hoho. Yea! I'm Hello Kitty freak :P 
A few of my collections. Not much actually. Like I mentioned before, I'm not capable to buy those things but sooner dear. Its a utility actually not necessary. Ceh! Mentang-mentang baru lepas belajar economy, keluar pulak utility ni sume. I love Hello Kitty since childhood, so that's the reason why I can even get rid my interest on it. Hello Kitty live my life.
Aigoo~ can you see how cute Hello Kitty is ? Bajet sungguh ambik gambar collection dekat atas meja study. Anyway, can you see my long lasting life plan on the board? Cannot? Kindly click to enlarge =.= I love my baby kitty so much. She's accompanied me every night, comfort me and for sure sing me a lullaby before I sleep(?) Ehh, menyeramkan pulak bunyinya bila my baby kitty nyanyikan lagu before tido. Grrr.
Meet my cute baby pencil case. Yang ni bukan Hello Kitty, but its kinda attractive with a cute pink sleepy rabbit. Awww, kyeopta!
I just love this the most. My cutie baby kitty earphone. I bought it last time at The Spring. I'm one of earphone freak coz seriously I cannot apart from earphone. Every time I go out, I'll always bring it with me. Stay close and even during lecture, I also listen to music through earphone :P
Just edited it using imikimi. Its been ages since I used this application. Remind me during my school days. I used to crazy from head to toes editing picture using this application =.= Aww, HELLO KITTY is just so adorable :D tsktsk, rasa nak gigit2 je.

Okay, me got to go now. I haven't study for CTU, so yeah! I purposely killing myself. I got 2 tests, one quiz and perhaps speaking test tomorrow*cries* By the way, HAPPY IFTAR!

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