August 3, 2011

Futsal Tournament

Hi readers!

Its been a longgg time since my last update huh?! How are you guys ? I hope you doing well. :P Actually I got no idea on how to update and design my blog anymore. I lost my interest already. Hmm, on my way to lost my interest on blog. C: Opps, hopefully not. Anyways, its fasting month already. Puase tak ? I am doing well, belom skip puase lagi. Alah, baru 3 hari. Doakan agar I dapat tamatkan puase ahh. Hihihi.

Okay, back to topic. Last week which is 30 July 2011, my faculty held a Futsal Tournament at Golden Hawk, Samarahan. Wait, I feel like writing a report now. Pfff. Lets make it short and simple. Scroll down please.
5minute is our group name. Wah, berangan macam 4minute ke. :P ehem, lebih kurang la kot. 
Aha, this is my team consist of Gloria, Charmaine, Vee and Charissa. Only 5 of us played that day. Takde pemain simpanan langsung sebab Eyon ada hal. :'(
Here we are. Combination between AC1102A and AC1102B. Pity us (5minute) coz none of boys in our class supporting us.*cries* Super damn jealous when the boys from class A supported them(Ladies Bha). On the first match, I jadi goal keeper. Tapi harem, 2 goal tembus. =.= How pathetic.
After our first match, we met our siblings which is Class A. I'm no longer became a goal keeper. Yeahha! I'm one of the players now. To be frank, I don't even know how to become a good goal keeper. =.= Even, my tema members pon first time main. We compete only for fun not for win :D Then on the second match, we met our siblings which is class A.Unfortunately, we lost again coz they have such a GOOD player. T_T but whatever it is, we really had a great time. 

Our final match pula lawan dengan junior kalau tak silap. Semua pemain dah letih. Damn tired but super fun. Luckily we won that match. Yeppi!^^ I scored one goal. *proud* There's one penalty given to us. I'm the one who responsible to score but hmm..*sigh* hampir goal.

After perlawanan semi final. We snapped some pics before fight for final match. Opss, not 5minute but our siblings, Ladies Bha. Perlawanan akhir sangat sengit okay. Last2 masa tamat and penalty la jawabnya. Ynag bestnya Ladies Bha menang. Yahoo!*jumps*

Pstt, nak tengok David Beckham versi perempuan tak ? Tengok bawah..... :P
I was laughing out loud when I saw this pic. Credit picture to Charissa sebab guna phone dia. Ohh, this is how do I looked like when I ran after the ball like mad =.= Nevertheless I looked charismatic though *face palm*

Overall was DAEBAK! :D next sem we're gonna hit the tournament again. *=.=* Okay, I need to go now. Statistic keep calling my name. Aishh >.< *CRIES*

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