June 2, 2011

go and check your blog weight!

hai guys!

Hows your day ? Is it going nicely or terribly ? OK, straight to the point. I want to share something with you guys. How to know whether your website or blog is obesity or not. keke. Obesity means your blog is too heavy with those kinds of widget and apparently it will makes your blog lambat loading. arasso (can you understand)??

It's easy guys. go to this WEBSITE and check.

You will see this column. Type your website address and click enter. I already checked for my blog and this is the result.

This is my blog size. comel and kecik je. As u can see, its only 80.53KB. The ideal size should be 100KB and below. So, watch out guys. Jangan nanti blog korang lambat loading then readers terus cari butang 'X'. No, no, no. You are not entitled to be treated so.

Till then. Chow.

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