June 22, 2011

Be moderate is the best way in love♥

Assalammualaikum readers and viewers!

Currently listening to Love Light from CNBLUE. Melodic and catchy song with sweet plus meaningful lyrics. Its all about love.When we talk about love, I notice that certain people will showing off their boyfriend or girlfriend to public. I know it is not harmful though but I found that its super eww because someday when they fight with each other, they will express their feeling on facebook. Then, it will become a story. Menyemakkan wall aku ok. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or what, but this is just my opinion. I know, I had been in love before, during that time, it feels like only two of us present in the world but when we broke up, I knew that I am not being rational and I am really ashamed of myself. I am make a fool of myself.

Do not regret for what had made you happy.
Have you ever heard about that words before ? I know I shouldn't regret for what had done, but somehow I really ashamed. Really. Ahh,  I am start remembering all those painful memories again. ok. STOP! What I am trying to say here is, come to your sense guys. Don't ever let the love possessed you but try to control it. You need to control it or else that love will ruin your life. Love is not harmful though but when you're out of your mind, anything can happen. I feel like I'm a professional professor pulak dah. Be moderate. You never know what will happen in the future, who knows when a guy that you madly in love now will cheat on you in the future. Jangan terlalu mengharap. Be moderate is the best way.

I know some of you will say that,
That is your sad love story, there's nothing to do with me.
None of your business, don't trying to be good
You never know what love is,  do not let your phobia influence me! 
To tell you what, I never phobia being in love. I know I am lack of experience in this love matter but from my observation is when a guy/girl in love, they never knew how irrational they are. Do not trying to deny it because that  is the FACT.They tend to do something out of their mind when they frustrated. That's why la ada kes commit suicide ni. -.-

So, just like I mentioned before, be MODERATE. sederhana dalam apa jua. Even, our prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W teach us to be moderate in everything.

I came up with that idea after I found this calculator in my engineering drawing beg. Last time, aku lekatkan his picture dekat cover calculator. This is obviously shows how crazy I am back then. Guys and girls, do not follow this action. T_T. 

And now, here I am. Standing proudly in front of you, not letting you know how weak I am last time. Fell in love doesn't teach you to be a weak person but giving you a strong spirit to move on and enjoy the precious moment in your life. Peace guys!

p/s I know my english is bad, but I got license to make mistakes cause from mistakes I learn something new.

with love,
daydenk farah,

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