May 30, 2011

what I got

Hai readers!Flower

A few minutes ago, I was wondering, what should I write hoh ? I got the mood to update my blog but seems like I am lack of ideas. Then, I signed in my facebook. A friend of mine posted about pemohonan kolej can be checked at student portal. So, immediately I bukak student portal and check. and this is what I got,

Yeah, no need to rent a room or house. save money and I can concentrate more on my studies, concentrate la sangat. -_- Btw, other UiTM at Peninsular dah mula study kan ? opps, kitaorang cuti lebih. tapi kena ganti la. uwaa. nevermind, asalkan masuk lambat. and yes, this coming Sunday I will register dekat kolej. Will rarely update my blog.

ahh, I want to share something with you guys.

Can you read that ? klik untuk tubesaran. I am so excited when they tweeted me last few days. Feels like wanna scream out loud. I am really looking forward for that album. I want to have my own copy and the most important things are it is original and imported from South Korea!

Nevertheless, I keep mentioning about YS if I wrote any of entries. ahh, I'm so addictive to Kpop. To haters who hate Kpop so much, you're such a bacterias who living in a drainage.


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