May 20, 2011

no sweet smile for today!

daydenk farah's worst day. i can't smile even for once because everything were sucks! seems like everything went wrong. i'm such a fool. can i cry ?:face59:

its really hurt when you need someone to cry on, but there's nobody with you. no one. you wish that he/she will support you but then they just assuming that 'ohh, that's your fault. you deserves it. there is nothing to do with me. that's your problems so face it by yourself'.' 

i'm not gonna talk more about it since it is really painful. i just wanna express what i feel now. it's really burdening me. thats why i prefer to be an ignorance now.

hopefully, this kind of 'desease' will fade away. till then, hmm, no smiles for today. till then, choww.

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