November 6, 2012


Sisters. As you know(if only you know, lol), I have only two siblings including myself. I am the eldest and the other one is a younger brother. Since I am the eldest, people expect me to do well in everything. Do you know how stress it could be?

But actually I am not going to talk about how stress being an eldest daughter, but I just want to express about how envy I am towards those who have sisters. Frankly speaking, ever since I was in elementary school I always thought about this. I remember during hari raya, my girlfriends will have the same baju raya with their sisters. Do you have the idea how adorable it was when you and your sisters wearing the same color, same pattern of baju kurung with cute hairband on in your head? It was back then, but I still find it cute up until know though :')

Nevertheless, as I grown up the feelings of not having any sisters are getting stronger. Stronger I mean when it comes to fashion, gossiping, cooking and all those girly stuffs. You know when I see my friends buying make ups, cute hairband, cute hair clips for their sisters I feel left behind. And I was thinking ''ahh, I don't have sisters, I never had this chance. It must be good to share these things with sisters.'' 

The obvious part is when I had problem with relationship. Had okay, had. I've never involved with any kind of relationship since I was 17. Sad, yeah I know. There was a time when I had nobody to talk to, I was alone. Of course my girls were there but it's not the same as your real sister. I had no place to vent my sadness, anger and frustration. I can't share with my mom. I just don't feel like sharing with her. I don't know, but it's just awkward. I'm the type of person who will share only my happiness with my parents but not in relationship matters. Do you girls out there share your relationship problems with your sister? I bet most of you do, probably around 60%? The other percent goes to friend la of course. Well, sister can be so annoying sometimes lol. Only in term if your sister is so kepoh and busy body. Based of my experience, sister can be so protective to their younger sister when it comes to relationship. They try their best to protect their sister from buaya darat etc. 

The cutest things I found in sisters bonding are when sisters are cooking and sharing their clothes together. I just found this adorable(aww! ) Don't you think so people? When it comes to celebration(hari raya for example), my friends will get so excited and started to think about what cake are they going to make with their sister. While I am, what cake should I order from the shop -.- Obviously, it's my mom's job and since I am already 20, then I am the one who decides for it now. When I see my friends talking with their sister 'dik, tahun ni nak buat kek apa ehh', 'eh, kita buat kek cheese nak minggu ni'. Omaigosh, i iz jelly ㅠ.ㅠ

Other than that, I don't have someone who's going to tell me the blouse doesn't look good on me, shows me how to wear shawl properly and even teach me how to put on make up. I don't have all that and I don't even experience it once. In term of clothes, I don't have someone yang dapat exchange baju dekat aku. How sad is that? I've gotta admit that I don't like sharing since I practically takde orang yang nak di share, therefore benda tu dah macam jadi habit. Usually, when it comes to clothes, when you have sisters you can exchange clothes and borrows from each other. Jadi baju korang pun jadi macam banyak. How good is that when you get to exchange clothes, bags, make ups, talk about latest fashion and gossiping in the middle of the night? 

These are the reason why I treat my best friends like my own sisters. Those days when my girls used to sleepover at my house and doing all those crazy stuffs. I missed it. How I wish I can turn back time :( It would be more interesting if I can do all these sort of things with my sister. You know I'm a big fan of Kpop right? I always imagine talking about oppars with my sisters, going to the concert together(though I haven't been to any yet), stalking oppars and the most important thing is collecting money to buy album and merchandises. Hmmm...

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