May 16, 2012


Assalammualaikum. It has been a while. I just don't feel like blogging recently. I do log in into blogger everyday but I just read the updates from my following list :') My holiday is going to end soon. Less than a month then I'm going to mingle with books and notes again. I'm so gonna drown in classes, quizzes and tests. OHMY! Thats so not cool.

Enough with those unnecessary things. Sekarang dah pertengahan bulan Mei, and semester break started early April. It has been a month and half since break. Dulu time final, I was determined to begin my Korean lesson as soon as I started my sem break. Tapi tengoklah, sekarang dah nak habis cuti dah, notes hangul tak sentuh pun. I kept telling myself to start it as soon as possible, tapi "esok-esoklah" tu tak habis-habis. Can you see how procrastinate I am dear readers?

That's the only habit I can't change until now. Yup, until now. Sedihkan ada habit macam ni? Kalau nak belajar pun macam tu jugak. Asyik nak esok-esok je. Majority students these days akan ada habit suka tangguh kerja ni. Tak semua tapi segelintir -.- Jadi, marilah kita sama-sama ubah perangai ni kekawan semua :P

Other than that, hari ni hari guru kan?
I'm a teacher for myself besides my mom and dad.
So, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to fellow teachers, teachers-to-be, and lecturers :')

Form 5PKA5, 2009

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