October 16, 2011

Random update after hiatus

Morning guys! I'm back after hiatus for almost a month? My last update was on 24 September. So, welcome back Farah! :) How are you today? Hopefully, you guys had a great weekend so far. Since im on my semester break, i have lots of time to update my blog. keke. Talking about blog, i've changed my blog's name. Previously it was 'She is Farah Farhana' and now it become 'Nameless Memory'. I got no solid reason why i changed my blog's name. Saje je suka-suka. LOL

Btw, i've made several changes here. I've changed the header and sooner there'll be quite a lot changes from time to time. Gimme time okay darlings? I'm still learning and recently there're so many things to handle. A day after tomorrow is my bestie's wedding so surely i'll be busy right? :P Me myself can't believe that she'll get marry at this early of age. I meant, we're still 19, still teenagers, still gila-gila orang cakap. OMG! Seriously, i was so surprised when she told me the news.

Nevertheless its her decision right? Jodoh dia dah sampai agaknya, Btw, my bestie's name is Nurfasihah bt Mohd Sapuan. So, readers lets congratulate her *claps* I dont know whether i'll be attending her wedding since my mom is still recovering from fever. Of course i should be by her side right? Okay okay, enough with wedding or else i'll stab myself because of jealously. ROFL

Anyway, did you see my new header? How was it? Is it nice? The one who's on my header is IU. She was starred in Dream High as Kim Pil Suk. Don't tell me you have no idea what drama is that or dont know who's IU if you ever watch the drama. Unless you're non Kpopers la. hihihihi. Recently ermm not recently but long time ago she already caught my attention. Yeah, she's cute and has a good vocal. Obviously a good singer. In fact, she can play the guitar well. I can be a lesbian for her *confession* Damn. Joking anyway. I spent quite a lot of my time googling for her pics and seriously its worth! LOL. 

Ouh, enough for today. Will type more entry later once I get the idea. Thats all for this 'Random Update After Hiatus' :) See ya ^^

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