April 14, 2011

i am away

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hello people!
today is  14.4. 2011. hari ni birthday kakak angkat aku doe!

kaq sya! saeng-il chugha-e!

happy birthday kaq! :) May Allah bless you. Saranghae!

oke, back to topic.
Due to my final examination is just arounddddddd the corner, less than a week ok but i am still fooling around.

seriousshitly i haven't prepare anything. 
this morning, my account lecturer had informed us about new rules at UiTM. 
seriously, it was a very shocking news.

well, whoever who had been dismissed from UiTM, starting from the next semester, he/she cannot enter UiTM FOREVER!
his/her name will be barr by system.

 Like the previous one, whoever had been dismissed, he/she can re-apply again but in different course. 
but now, you can't dear.

i don't know why, but maybe they want to upgrade and update the University's rules and policy.
so, due to the new rules, my lecturer advised us if we can't go on with accountancy course, we can quit and apply another course.
hmm, accountancy is known as a 'killer subject'.
yeah, i admit it.

'a tough course comes with a big salary'

you can say that i'm materialistic, it doesn't matter.
even my tagline on my header is also about money.
with full of confident i say that

'i am a millionaire-to-be'

but hey, wake up people. money is important but
as long as we don't let the obsession of money absurd us,
it will be fine.

don't tell me that you don't have the desires to have a big houses, luxury cars, branded stuff and etc.
ohh, please lah.

*uncle google ynag sangat baik hati

but we must have prisip lah.
don't let the money controls you. but you control the money.
and remember.
your priority is ALLAH and FAMILY.
well, life management is important. bah!

aku dah jaoh menyimpang.

so, back to topic.tehee.
after i deeply thinking, i think i'm meant to be as an accountant.
i am not being arrogant or too confident but
since it was destined from first, why don't i just go on with this course.

and to be frank, i do believe and confident that i can go on and carry this course till the end.
it's just that i'm not 'rajin' enough to do lot of exercises. muahahaha.
especially math and account. bah! femalas.

i know myself. i know where i stand.
i know i can do it.
i just need to push myself up and score. ngeh.
so, what am i waiting for.


grrr, sorry guys.
my blog is maybe a very dull blog but still i love it.

since final examination is just around the corner so, i need to motivate myself.

btw, i'm away for a while.
(selama final examination berjalan, maybe)

maybe! that one i can't promise you since writing an entry is a very good therapy for me.

so, catch you later! muah muah muah! :*
doakan saya mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang.

Formula Add math hari ini :: today is a worse day for this semester. i can't even distinguish debit and credit! awww, farah! u must do a lot of exercises! -_-

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