February 9, 2011


Random blogging in class on computer PC again. (nang ada computer pc indah..gai na juak eh…I can be weird sometimes. Bear with me)

I can barely open my eyes. Its sleepy and I am bored to death.
The first month of this semester and I am already bored with everything. Can we have our break now. I need a break for four months. Wassup bitches?
I need to wake up. I think Im annoyed. Not with who but with what? Get it? I am annoyed with every situation which tires me and I should let that weakens me. I need strength.
Humor me.

I wish I can do this using uitm crappy pc and stuff..and by crappy I mean the old stuff la..iboh lalu emo 
this is so me..not literally
Wah wah wah wah
I need to watch movie tonight so don’t fucking sleep. Oh maybe for awhile. Lol

Formula Add math hari ini :: ada kesatria hari ni n cuaca hari ni sangattttttttttttt la 'sejuk'. DEM!

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